Ayers Rock Holidays

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Ayers Rock Holidays

A Glimpse of Ayers Rock Holidays

Holidays to Ayers Rock Australia Uluru is the largest sandstone rock formation in central Australia. Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this place is home to many springs, rock caves, ancient paintings and waterholes. Uluru is one part of the National Park, the other being Ulua Kata Tjua. This place is a sacred ground for the Anangu, the aboriginal people of the area.

This place is one of the best tourist attractions in Australia with its amazing features as well as its sacredness to the aboriginal people of the area. Uluru as well as Kata Tjua were laid down in the area some 550 million years ago through the outflow of water from the plant less valleys of the ancient. One of the many aspects that attract visitors and tourists to the site is its amazing size. Uluru and Kata Tjua make up the only seam of sedimentary rock that extends kilometers below the sand in the world.

Aside from that fact, people also come to visit the national park due to the wide array of diverse species of plants, reptiles and birds that you can find in the surrounding area. More than that, there are also the caves, waterholes and rock arts that you can find in the whole place. These make Ayers Rock and Kata Tjua two of the best places to go to in your holiday break especially if you are a nature lover.

You will also find it interesting knowing that each feature of Ayers Rock has a special meaning in the aboriginal law. If you want to see and visit the art sites and caves, you can take a shorter route, the Mala Walk on the way to the Kantju Waterhole. On the south side, there is also a much shorter walk in only 45 minutes which leads you to the most reliable waterhole in Uluru, the Mutitjulu Waterhole. There is also the Liru Walk which is often conducted jointly by senior Anangu, the aboriginal people and the park rangers.

These climb are the most popular and the most physically demanding of all the activities here at the park and many people believe that the path was taken by the Mala men and is known to the native to be of great spiritual significance which is why the aborigines prefer for people not to climb the rock.

Although it is not preferred to climb the rock, there are still many things that you can do in the area. With so many natural things to find all around, nature lovers will really love the place, plus they can also learn about the culture of the native people there.

Holidays to Ayers Rock Australia. It will be a fun, exciting, enjoyable and educational vacation for you. Once you have seen and set foot at this gigantic sedimentary rock, you will see that it is one of the best places that you've gone to.

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