The Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

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The Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

The Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

  • Kauais longest beach

The Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

If you want beach front paradise and bliss then look no further than the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort. This hotel/resort offers 25 acres of the some of the most luxurious and lush property in the whole island. The property is located on Kauais longest beach and is very close to Lihue Airport. As a matter of fact, one of the best things about this resort, and one that you will not find very often, is FREE transportation from to and from the airport provided by the hotel.

So, it is just a resort on a beach? No. Not at all. You get a gorgeous Hawaiian beach (did we mention that it is the longest beach on the Island of Kauai?), turquoise blue water, waves and water fun, but the property also features 4 swimming pools and mesmerizing, exotic waterfalls. This is a full-service, luxury, Hawaiian holiday retreat location that you will never, EVER, forget.

This is a hotel line that prides itself on the level of service that they provide to ever guest, making each one feel as though they are the ONLY special guest on the property at the time. They are actually coined a line for the type of service they provide: Aqua Hospitality¬Ě and it is a motto that each and every staff member takes seriously.

The rooms are comprised of a variety of rooms with different set-ups, options and prices that are presented in plantation-style. They are calming, relaxing and have all of the amenities that you would expect of luxury Hawaiian resort. You have the opportunity to have beautiful views of mountains, beach or ocean.

Hotel dining includes your options of 4 fantastic locations on the property. Breakfast is available at the casual Naupaka Cafe and authentic Hawaiian and Pacific fare for dinner at the Naupaka Terrace, oh and you can also opt to eat at the Driftwood Bar & Grille or relaxing cocktails at Shutter Lounge.

The amenities and services at the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort are amongst the best at one of the great waterfall pools and lagoons on the property (with a 75 foot Lava Tube Waterslide that both kids and adults will love!) as well as a top-notch fitness facility and wellness center where you take classes and truly spoil yourself in Hawaiian and Aqua hospitality fashion.

Take the load off and truly relax with Aqua Hospitality at the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort on your Hawaiian holiday.